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Celebrating indigenous ingredients and techniques, Molcaxitl brings Mexican food under a brand new light by bringing Mexico’s ancestors into modern day Mexico. Food that is made with Chicano hands to connect with our roots and ensure the passing of our traditions and stories while staying innovative and writing brand new ones. It is a space that a Mestizx person can walk into and remember family and childhood and/or finally have a place to connect with their ancestors. It is a space that anyone can walk into and experience Mexico through the flavors that the Aztecs crafted, our mothers perfected, and Molcaxitl is celebrating.


The menu is prepared through research on the fruits, vegetables, and livestock that are native to different regions throughout Mexico. It is meant to bring the Indigenous purity out of Mexican Cuisine and infuse it into the centuries of international influences Mexico has taken on. By cooking alongside the women who have spent years learning the flavors of dried peppers and maíz, the menu is infused with love and family that has been handed down through decades.


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